When you have a financial interest in a struggling business, nothing matters more than taking swift action to protect your position.

It’s our job to ensure that the right approach is adopted and the best outcomes are achieved for the benefit of secured and unsecured creditors and stakeholders.

The keys to achieving the best outcomes are:

  • Early intervention
    The best way to protect your interests is to recognize and act on the warning signs at an early stage. The earlier you act, the greater the options. Our business reviews are designed to detect problems before they are too serious.
  • Business understanding
    Parfitt's focuses on small to medium sized businesses. Managing issues such as family ownerships, conflict between founders and tensions between owners and managers all require specialist skills and experience.
  • Solving Bank related problems
    Parfitt's understands the complexities of this situation and have had extensive experience in solving bank-related problems or renegotiating finance solutions.

If a client decides to liquidate or enter into bankruptcy we will assist with referral to an appropriate professional and then work with them on your behalf.