Our consultants specialising in individual returns provide advice that includes:

  • Salary packaging to maximise take-home income.
  • Advice on tax deferral opportunities
  • Advice to maximise franking credits and investment dividend income rebates
  • Managing shareholders loans borrowed from your company
  • Changing your business structure from sole trader/contractor into a company
  • Preparation of objections and appeals to the ATO and representation in the event of an ATO tax audit

Perfect for partnerships and trusts

Partnerships and trusts can be taxation labyrinths, and we are equipped to steer you through these.

  • Advice on provisions affecting family trusts
  • Maximising use of losses and distribution of trust income to beneficiaries
  • Advice on partnership deeds and agreements, goodwill and partnership entry and exit
  • Incorporation into a company

Good counsel for companies

Our taxation specialists have considerable experience in tax planning for companies. This is employed with good effect in such fields as:

  • Tax effective accounting
  • Maximising franking credits and rebates including company loans to shareholders
  • Foreign taxes, tax credits
  • Managing tax issues with loans to shareholders and related companies
  • International tax advice
  • Tax audit issues